Artec Group develops and sells 3D scanners. Our 3D scanners (also known as 3D cameras) work in real time, which makes them
easy to use and customize for an array of applications.
Artec 3D scanners are extremely versatile and are used in fields such as reverse engineering, medical imaging, archeology, art digitalization, computer animation, prototyping, and anthropology
to name a few.

In addition, Artec Group has a whole division dedicated to biometric security and 3D face recognition technology. The biometric security market calls for new generation solutions that would provide better recognition accuracy, convenience-in-use and spoof-protection. Artec Group introduced a novel 3D human recognition technology that addresses these market needs.


Artec Group is a team of talented researchers with an established reputation in 3D shape acquisition and object recognition, which
is proven by a long history of invention and commercialization
of advanced 3D imaging and processing technologies.